Volunteer Teacher Training Details

This workshop will train you to teach literacy skills to an adult learner.

This is a 15-hour workshop:
   - Classroom Observation 1
   - Session 1: Teaching ESL techniques
   - Classroom Observation 2
   - Session 2: Reading, Writing and Lesson Planning
   - Session 3: Methods, Curricula, and Resources

Online training: ELL-U

Materials: ALP uses a variety of materials suitable to students' literacy' needs. You will also be introduced to supplemental materials available at ALP.

   - You must attend all sessions for certification.
   - There is a minimum commitment of teaching 2 classes.

Workshop Format: Lecture, demonstrations, video, discussion, supervised practice, homework, and one-on-one tutoring experience.

Restrooms: Two in Room 105 and two upstairs in Room 203.

Name Tags: Please leave in the box at the end of each session.

Standing stretch breaks occur between presentations to help you stay alert.

Refreshments: Coffee/tea and snacks are available during the 15-minute break halfway through each session.

During the 15-minute break in each session, you may visit with each other or with the trainers.

Many other books and materials may be borrowed through our resource library.

The Lead Educational Instructor assigns classes to teachers based on scheduling needs.

The staff at ALP is committed to making your volunteer teaching experience successful and enjoyable for both you and your students.