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Questions & Answers
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When are English classes?

Classes are 1.5 hours long and meet twice a week. Classes meet on Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday.

See our class schedule to learn more.

You can take more than one class at a time.

How much does class cost?

Right now, all of our classes are free. Please donate if you can!

When we do charge, we use a "sliding fee scale" so you pay what you can. If you are worried about cost, please talk to us.

Is class online or in-person?

Both! We began offering online classes during the pandemic. Now we offer both online and in person options.

Can I join class after the start date?

Registration for most classes  stays open first two weeks of the session. After the first two weeks you can no longer join regular classes.

If the class is marked "OPEN" on the Class Schedule, then it is an Open Class. You can join OPEN Classes at any time during the session.

How do I know what ESL level I am?

You will take two English tests to help place you in the right level class. There is an oral test (listening and speaking), and a literacy test (reading and writing).

Do I have to take a test?

Taking an English test is important to find the right class for you. Taking the test again helps us track how much you have learned and see if you are ready to change levels.
Students attending OPEN Classes (as marked on the Class Schedule) do not have to take a test.