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Five Reasons Your Contribution to Literacy Matters

contributed by ProLiteracy, ALP's national affiliate

1. A 1 percent increase in average literacy rates yields a 1.5 percent increase in Gross Domestic Product. Your contribution helps increase our country’s productivity.

2. The estimated increase in health care costs in the U.S. due to low literacy skills is $230 billion each year. Low literacy levels make it difficult to read prescription labels, and also to understand basic health risks, threats, and preventions. Your contribution keeps more Americans healthy.

3. Federal literacy and basic education programs only reach 3 percent of those in need of adult literacy services in the United States. Because of this, almost all literacy programs have long waiting lists, which grow longer every year. Your contribution closes this gap for those who want to learn.

4. Workers who have less education than a high school diploma have the lowest median weekly earnings ($592), three times less than the highest level of education. Your contribution ensures American employers can put skilled adults to work.

5. Two-thirds of those with low literacy skills around the world are women. Every additional year of primary school boosts girls’ future wages by 10-20 percent. A mother’s level of reading skills is the greatest determinant of her child’s academic success. Your contribution ensures girls and women gain the education they need to raise healthy and happy families.

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