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Alaska Literacy Program
1345 Rudakof Circle Suite #104
Anchorage AK, 99508
(907) 337-1981
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Frequently Asked Questions

What if...

one of my students misses several classes?
You are welcome to call the student yourself to encourage him/her to return. If s/he is working or unable to attend classes, let the staff know.

I want to meet my students socially?
No problem! If you feel comfortable showing your students around Anchorage or meeting for lunch, go for it! Be aware, however, that cultural differences do exist and that you and your students may have different expectations when it comes to friendship. If you prefer to maintain a strictly professional teacher-student relationship, that's OK - just do what makes you feel comfortable.

I go on vacation?
Have fun! Let your students know how long you will be gone. Contact the Director of Programs who will work with you to arrange for a substitute.

my students don't seem to be making progress?
Don't get discouraged! Students often progress at different speeds. If you are worried, talk to an ALP staff or another volunteer teacher for suggestions.

I want to use supplementary materials?
Great! Supplementing your lessons is always beneficial. Use focused listening, information grids and other techniques to jazz up your lessons. There are also a lot of great materials in the ALP resource library. For suggestions, talk to any ALP staff member.

I have ANY other questions?
CALL ALP! We are here to answer your questions. Don't be shy - give us a call!


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