Alaska Literacy Program
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Alaska Literacy Program
1345 Rudakof Circle Suite #104
Anchorage AK, 99508
(907) 337-1981
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Classes are offered in 8-16 week sessions. ALP offers over many classes a session. The majority of our classes are taught by volunteers.

Our high-quality instruction is offered for minimal fees. In-person registration is required. Call 337-1981 for registration information or come to the school to sign up for classes.


A $10 intake fee is charged for first-time students.

The following fees are charged for each class that a student takes:

  • Tuition: $75
  • Books: $10 - $45

To view class details, select a link below.

•  Integrated Skills in English   ALP's Integrated Skills in English series develops a student's speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in each unit of study.

•  Literacy   Literacy courses are for adult beginning learners who receive instruction in survival English, basic literacy and civics concepts.

•  ABE Reading   The Reading courses focus on development of the Adult Basic Education students' ability to understand the meaning of different kinds of texts.

•  Writing   Writing series focus on development of the students' ability to produce various types of texts in English.

•  Listening and Speaking   Listening and Speaking series focus on development of the students' ability to engage in English discussions.

•  Citizenship and Civics   Citizenship and Civics series provide information necessary for persons interested in acquiring United States citizenship.

•  Health Literacy   Health series focus on developing students' understanding of health-related issues as they are presented and studied in English.

•  Computer Literacy Lab   Computer literacy series provides instruction in introduction to keyboarding, Internet navigation and basic word processing.

•  Workplace Literacy   Workplace literacy series provides instruction in English language and literacy, as well as numeracy skills needed by employees in order to effectively carry out their roles in the workplace.

•  Financial Literacy   Financial literacy series focus on the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial well-being.


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