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The Anchorage Health Literacy Collaborative

See two articles about Alaska in the Health Literacy Research and Practice forum. 

The work of Peer Leaders Navigators is highlighted in Catholic Health USA, a nationally distributed publication in August 2020.

Read about TAHLC in UAA's Green and Gold News published May 2016.

You can listen to Helen Osborne's Health Literacy Out Loud podcast with Barry Weiss at In this 20 minute podcast, hear about the timely and important topic of Health Literacy Screening Tools.

Learn more about the links between inequality and health on the interactive website, presented by the National Minority Consortia of Public Television.


Thanks to all who participated in the August 6, 2014 Summer Seminar in Health Literacy with Helen Osborne and Dr. Barry Weiss and several local experts active in health literacy with elders,  immigrants and refugees, people who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Check out this article about health literacy and the event by following this link:

About The Anchorage Health Literacy Collaborative

The goal of The Anchorage Health Literacy Collaborative, TAHLC, is to improve health literacy in underserved populations by building partnerships across the community among the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to provide opportunities that address wellness and quality of life for all residents.

Mission: Working together to improve health outcomes through community connections, education, and access to resources.

Vision: All People in Anchorage Live Well 

Partners include:

We are continually looking for additional partners to join our award-winning program. TAHLC is an affiiate member of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine.

TAHLC Peer Language Navigators

Shannon Kuhn, Special Assistant to the Mayor, shares TAHLC's "Peer Leader Navigator program has been an invaluable asset to our city because of the work they do at the grassroots level, connecting to their communities through personal relationships. The PLN program is made up of an international cohort with participants representing Anchorage's ethnic and linguistic diversity. The PLNs are able to disseminate important information about personal and community emergency preparedness in a culturally appropriate way, in the language the individual is most accustomed to speaking. As community leaders, the PLNs are also able to remove any bias when they are teaching and be available for additional questions from the people they have taught. The city is very thankful for their partnership in this effort." (January 21, 2020) 

In 2013, TAHLC won 2 national program awards from Commission on Adult Basic Education and Institute for Healthcare Advancement.

Visit the PLN website at


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PLNs from all cohorts came to share their experiences and set up their booths for demonstrations.


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