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Greetings, ALP Friends

I am announcing my retirement from Alaska Literacy Program effective September 30, 2020. It has been a privilege and an honor to serve such a life changing organization.  Each day brings new ideas and new challenges that hone our commitment to changing lives through literacy.  My early days at ALP began in 1980 as a tutor, teaching English in homes of families from around the world. My children grew up with my students’ children, together finding common ground in play. I found this work and play so rewarding that I never stopped learning or grew tired of it. What happens now?  I am not sure.  I hope to travel, spend time with family and grandchildren, learn new skills and explore purposeful endeavors.

As executive director, I extend my warmest thanks to partners and friends who have helped me grow in my leadership role.   As a trainer, I thank the hundreds of volunteers whose contributions make ALP a community of learning in a safe and welcoming environment. As a teacher, I thank the thousands of students from across the globe who taught me how to embrace differences and celebrate life together with kindness.

It is with unreserved pleasure that I welcome Lori Pickett, my longtime friend and coworker, as ALP’s new executive director. Lori’s passion for the mission and people along with her deep knowledge and her wide range of skills will ensure her leadership will succeed and ALP will thrive.  She starts on October 1, 2020.


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